The Krienko Jeans Clothing Industry has started its activity in the confectionery field in the city of Fier since 1993 with the initiative and vision of z.KRIENKO MEMO.  Today, this industry has managed to transform itself into the absolute leader of clothing market and Jeans confectionery in the Albanian market.


Everything started by Mr. Krienko Memo, who at an early age has been inclined on fashion. Initially, he started to style and prepare clothes for himself and his friends. At the same time, he studied at Tirana University's in the Finance Department, a branch that has helped quite well in his favorite profession.

The leadership of one of the well know apparel factory in the early 90's in the city of Fier, created for Mr. Krienko the first connections with prestigious firms, initially from the neighboring country, Italy.

The collaboration with the Italian company "Eldo S.P.A" was started with businessman Luciano Fragolo, in Florence, where they realized clothing for children, mostly jeans. Then, individually, Mr. Krienko forms a ward of 19 employees, housed in a small building, with 10 old (non-electric) sewing machines, producing 50 pairs of confectionery per day. As of today, the number of "KRIENKO JEANS" industry employees is over 400.

The products were originally exported to Florence, unfinished. After investing in the industrial washing laundry who is named "Blue Sky", one of the biggest in the Balkans, today the production is exported all over Europe. Initially, 100 different confectioners were produced in a day, and nowadays they produce up to 4,000 such pairs with over 25 new models in a month and at competitive prices.


This entrepreneurship, the largest apparel sector in Albania, has for 25 years cooperated with major prestigious firms by launching the first line of clothing «Made in Albania».

"KRIENKO JEANS" is a leading brand in the field of fashion, in Albania, competing strongly in the market in price and quality. Also, the "KRIENKO" industry is well-known for the European standard clothing production and for the prestigious fashion industry firms that own the "Made in Albania" firm. Among the most popular collaborations we can mention famous brands such as "Meltin Pot", "Versace", "Only Jeans", "Jack & Jones," "Tommy Hilfiger," "Angel Devil," "Free Soul," Ted Baker "," Staff Jeans & Co "," Uniform "," Devero "," 50 Carat ".

Our company has a wide range as well as enough space for well-functioning of manufacturing departments and administration offices.

Our production units are:

  • Automatic Holders
  • Confection Laboratories
  • Department of Artistic Works
  • Embroidery and Stamper
  • Wrestling Department
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Packaging Units

These environments are carefully structured to respect and preserve the environment from industrial pollution.

In our company operates over 400 employees and specialists in the field of confectionery. Inside the firm's environments, there is great attention to high production levels. Employees are offered favorable conditions and relaxing facilities where they feel as they are part of a warm, welcoming environment for a common good.

Our major priorities have fostered the spirit of cooperation with the European Foreign Market towards which 100% of the realized production is exported.

Our production of European standards is endowed with ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate. All our products keep the "Made in Albania" stamp and are distributed worldwide. The most important of Krienko Jeans' customers is the fact that all the materials used for clothing production are of a very high quality and the same as those already well-known firms such as Versace, Armani and others.

Thanks to our accuracy, we ensure that our customers have total assurance of the quality of production and service offered and remain loyal to our brand of fashion and everyday wear.

Falë punës sonë të palodhur kemi arritur që sot të gjendemi më pranë gjithë konsumatorëve tanë në Shqipëri. Me 8 dyqane na gjeni në qytetet : Fier, Tiranë, Durrës, Vlorë, Lushnje. Elbasan dhe Sarandë.

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Thanks to our work and our talents we seek to bring to our customers constantly quality, unique products and latest trends of fashion.

Trust In Our Brand !!

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High quality, correctness, reliability, cooperative spirit, contemporary technology, punctuality, customer orientation, and heart work.

The mission and vision of our company is to provide high quality services in the field of design, styling , confection and treatment of fashion and everyday wear, as well as specialized industrial laundry services.