Arritje dhe Suksese


Thanks to our continuous work, already our visions are turned into achievements and success.

Ndër të cilat vlen të përmendim :

• The opening of the largest Laundry Industry in Albania, which is run by a specialized staff with over 25 years of experience.

• The introduction of the brand "KRIENKO JEANS" in the Albanian market, which was followed by the opening of shops, "Krienko Jeans" in several cities of Albania.

• The creation of a modeling department, based on the innovation of its staff, made up of Albanian and foreign designers, has managed to express the art and science of beautifully dressing in the brand Krienko.

Our greatest achievement was in 2014 when the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania honored us with the title "Golden Bee" for the largest apparel and fason entrepreneur in Albania for 2014.

The key of our success in these years has been :

  • Cilësia
  • Korrektësia
  • Besueshmëria
  • Shpirti bashkëpunues
  • Teknologjia bashkëkohore

Such Priorities have encouraged the spirit of cooperation with the external European Market, toward which is exported 100% of production realized.

Ky prodhim i standardeve europiane është i pajisur me Çertifikatën e Cilësisë ISO 14001 : 2004,ISO 9001:2008, ISO 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015

All our products keep the stamp “Made in Albania” and are distributed to markets around the world.

Today “KRIENKO” Group looks to the future decided to follow the continuity of successes achieved in these years. As a leader in the market of clothing and confection in Albania and as a worthy member of the European market, “Krienko” Group requires that in the next few years to continue to expand in the international market making the brand “KRIENKO JEANS ” and the inscription “Made in Albania” one of the best ambassadors of Albania in the world